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What our accountancy clients are saying …

It’s incredibly gratifying to do a great job for a client, whether it’s preparing a tax return, responding successfully to a tax audit, assisting with retirement planning, or anything related to the financial well-being of our clients. It’s even more gratifying when our clients appreciate our work. We are honored to have wonderful clients. Below are just a few of their kind comments.

“He’s even helping us to develop a shopping center.”

“I’ve been with Martin Garcia for more than 14 years. He does all of our tax payments, bookkeeping … anything with accounting. Since my mother passed away, he’s been helping us change over to an LLC. He’s even helping us to develop a shopping center. Martin knows people. He helped us find a contractor and an architect. I would definitely recommend him. He’s very reliable and helpful. He knows most everything I need. He has a lot of knowledge.”
— Tony Jung, AC Market, Orange Cove, CA


“He took me from ground zero and brought me up to speed.”

“I absolutely recommend Martin. He’s a wonderful accountant. He guides you in the right direction. When I started in business, I started with Martin. He took me from ground zero and brought me up to speed. He guided me in setting things up so that now much of the everyday issues I can handle myself. The general template was set well. I feel indebted to him.

His information is really accurate and he’s very accessible. The staff are also very pleasant and hardworking. They are diligent about calling back and getting me information I request. Overall it’s been a great experience working with Martin, and I’m very grateful to have him as my accountant.”
— Rusty Robinson, Thomasville River Park, Fresno, CA


“… doesn’t miss a thing.”

“Martin’s a wonderful person. He’s done a great job for me. He’s detail oriented and doesn’t miss a thing. The same goes for his entire staff.”
— Horatio Guzman,Telecommunications, Fresno, CA


“They can handle whatever legal accounting needs my clients may require.”

I have been using Martin Garcia since the day he passed his CPA Board exams. I’ve been using him a long time. We use his services for litigation, probate, and evaluation purposes for our clients. His firm also prepares income and loss statements … just a full range of accounting services for our clients depending on their individual needs.

Martin Garcia and his staff are well qualified. They can handle whatever legal accounting needs my clients may require. I wouldn’t recommend Martin Garcia Accountancy if they weren’t qualified and competent — I know because they do my firm’s accounting as well.

In addition, I have a lot of interaction with Martin’s staff, both with my clients’ business and my personal business. They are very receptive. They return phone calls and are always pleasant to deal with. Our staff enjoys interacting with his staff.
— Michael Dias, Attorney, Hanford, CA