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“Our office is a great example of teamwork … everyone is willing to help each other out.”

Theresa Lemos, Bookkeeper

Theresa Lemos


Theresa Lemos has been bookkeeping for almost 20 years. She joined Martin C. Garcia Accountancy Corporation in 2002. Martin put her experience right to work and has kept her busy doing payroll taxes, quarterly reports, sales tax returns, bookkeeping, and more.

Theresa is our nonprofit specialist. She is skilled in accurately filling out the special forms that nonprofits have to file in order to be compliant with federal and state regulations.

Theresa especially enjoys the relationships she has developed with our clients over the years. “We have the best clients,” she says. She notes that the biggest concern clients have is fulfilling the requirements of all federal and state agencies. Theresa ensures they do by seeing that forms are accurately filled out and filed on time. “We can give clients everything a big firm can … but with genuine customer service,” she says.

Another plus for Theresa is the atmosphere at the office. “Our office is a great example of teamwork,” she says. “Everyone is willing to help each other out.” She says that even the boss pitches in when needed. “Martin is a terrific team leader. He will work with us to get a project done if we need an extra hand.”

Finally, Theresa sums up a big reason why she’s so happy here. “When you work in an office where you are valued, it makes you feel good to come to work.”



"I do a little bit of everything."

Therese Quinn, Administrative Assistant

Therese Quinn

Administrative Assistant


Therese Quinn works mostly behind-the-scenes at our office. She does a lot of digital correspondence, manages our client portal, and helps with e-filing of tax returns.

She also assists with bookkeeping, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

When needed, she steps into the role of working the front desk and answering phones. She always enjoys interacting with our clients.

Therese enjoys all the staff, starting with the boss. “Martin is a great boss,” she says. “I couldn’t ask for someone better.”

She appreciates the way the entire staff is friendly and respectful. She likes that during crunch times, people are supportive of one another and share the workload. “It’s very much a team effort ... and that includes both the support and professional staff,” she says.

Therese was born and raised in Hanford, attended St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School and Hanford West High School. She attended College of the Sequoias for three years. While in school, she played water polo.

About her future, Therese says, “I’ll go where God wants to take me.”





"The staff really gets along. Communication is 100%."

Nadine Requejo, Administrative Assistant

Nadine Requejo

Administrative Assistant

When you walk into our office the first person to greet you is likely to be Nadine Requejo.

Nadine grew up in Hanford and graduated from Sierra Pacific High School. During her time in school, she was active in dance and sports. She was a member of King’s Dance Center’s traveling dance troupe. She recalls loving how much fun she had being a part of the dance team. She also loved sports and participated in competitive swimming, soccer, and tennis.

As a youngster Nadine always dreamed of working with children. “I love kids,” she says. So, after work, she takes online and night classes in child development at West Hills College, Lemoore. But she’s also developed an interest in sociology, so her major isn’t determined yet. “Both of those majors have overlapping classes, so I can decide later which direction to go,” she says.

Nadine’s prior work experience includes several jobs in retail. Although she enjoyed interacting with customers, she thought she should try out office work. She dropped an application off at our office and asked to speak with the manager. Within a few weeks, she was hired.

“I love working here,” she says. “The staff really gets along. Communication is one hundred percent! Everyone helps each other; there’s never an issue with that.” Nadine also enjoys getting to know the clients and likes that the clients are now recognizing and getting to know her.

When not working or studying, Nadine enjoys spending time with her daughter. “I love watching her antics and just watching her grow up.”

An interesting tidbit about her family: There are five generations of daughters! Last Mother’s Day they took a photo with a great-great grandmother, a great grandmother, grandmother, Nadine, and her daughter. “Some families, the kids don’t even have a grandparent,” says Nadine. “I’m very fortunate to have five generations.” Yes, Nadine is fortunate and we feel fortunate to have her on our staff.



“I love interacting with clients.”

Jennifer Gamez, Administrative Assistant / Billing

Jennifer Gamez

Administrative Assistant / Billing

Jennifer Gamez comes to us from the nearby town of Corcoran. She has an AS Liberal Studies degree from West Hills College.

Jennifer had an interesting work background before joining our office. At one time, she managed 22 apartment complexes in the Bay area. “It was challenging,” she said. She is glad her work is now focused in the valley. She also spent some time working in home health care.

In our office, she primarily does billing. When needed, she helps at the front desk answering the phone and greeting clients. “I love interacting with clients,” she said.

Jennifer is especially pleased that she was hired here after a few months as a temp. We are pleased, too.

When not working, Jennifer goes to her children’s sporting events or just spends time with them.