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Karen Feurstein

“The staff here all get along and we help each other out.”

Karen Feurstein, CPA, Senior Accountant

Karen Feurstein

CPA / Senior Accountant / Enrolled Agent

When she was little, Karen Feurstein wanted to do what her mom did. Her mom had a degree in accounting, and she worked as an Escrow Officer. Like her mom, Karen is also good with numbers.

And Karen is a hard worker. She wanted to save money on her college tuition, so she did her four years at Biola University in three years — while working part-time!

Today she still works hard. As a senior accountant, Karen works on various financial accounting matters: estate planning, trusts, tax returns, business evaluations, financial statements, etc.

As an enrolled agent, Karen can represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service.

In addition, Karen's work with numerous nonprofit clients has helped her to become highly knowledgeable about the accounting needs of tax-exempt organizations.

Karen likes working at Martin C. Garcia Accountancy. She says, “I enjoy working at Martin’s. The clients are great, always very nice. The staff here all get along and we help each other out.”

But that doesn’t tell the whole story about Karen. Besides her full-time job here, Karen is the part-time youth pastor at her church! She finds that junior high and high school kids are “interesting in their thought patterns.” She adds, “I remember thinking like that … yet knowing in the back of your mind that your parents are right.”