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Bryan Mora

“It’s always different going from school to a full-time job.”

Bryan Mora, Accountant Lemoore

Bryan Mora, B.S. Business Administration (pending)

Staff Accountant / Intern


Bryan Mora comes to us fresh from California State University, Fresno where he will complete his Business Administration Degree with a Specialty in Accounting in May of 2021. He plans to continue his education to attain a Masters in Business and CPA certification.


When Bryan joined us as a staff accountant in January of 2021, it was tax season. Needless to say, things were intense. “Thankfully, everyone here is really helpful,” Bryan says. He likes that he’s getting to know the accounting ropes in the real world as opposed to what one gets at school. “It’s always different going from school to a full-time job, and coming in at tax season provides a real opportunity for learning how different people have different situations. There are many rules you have to learn.”


Before Bryan settled on Accounting for his major, he studied Computer Science for two years. His twin brother was studying Accounting, and Bryan became intrigued with the subject. He switched majors. Bryan is color blind and both of these fields rely on numbers which are no problem for Bryan. 


Born in Lemoore, Bryan lives at home with his family, which includes six sons and one daughter. 


When Bryan is not working or studying, he enjoys soccer, video games, and playing with his pet cat.