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Our bookkeeping and support staff …


“We try to be a sounding board. If we can, we help them limit some of their costs.”

Janice Geide, Bookkeeper

Janice Geide


Janice Geide has been a bookkeeper for Martin C. Garcia Accountancy Corporation since 2001. She describes herself as the “worker bee” in the office. “I gather all the information, I get it ready, put it in order, and then it goes to Martin,” she says.

She is involved with income tax preparation, client company books, payroll, checkbook reconciliation, general ledger, preparing journal entries, financial statements, and more.

Janice enjoys the rapport she has developed with our clients. “Your accounting firm is like your physician,” she says. “You know their situation and history, so clients can open up to you when they have problems. We try to be a sounding board. If we can, we help them limit some of their costs.”

In these difficult times, many clients are trying to cut costs by doing more of the bookkeeping work themselves. In these cases, Janice helps them classify things properly to keep their books in order, so that things are in good shape when they come in at the end of the year.

Tax issues are especially frightening to clients the first time around. “People panic when they get a letter from the IRS … usually there’s no need to panic, typically all that’s needed is a phone call, sometimes a letter. Most often, we can get it cleaned up,” she says.

Janice says that the best part of working at Martin C. Garcia Accountancy Corporation is her “relationship with our clients.”



“Our office is a great example of teamwork … everyone is willing to help each other out.”

Theresa Lemos, Bookkeeper

Theresa Lemos


Theresa Lemos has been bookkeeping for almost 20 years. She joined Martin C. Garcia Accountancy Corporation in 2002. Martin put her experience right to work and has kept her busy doing payroll taxes, quarterly reports, sales tax returns, bookkeeping, and more.

Theresa is our nonprofit specialist. She is skilled in accurately filling out the special forms that nonprofits have to file in order to be compliant with federal and state regulations.

Theresa especially enjoys the relationships she has developed with our clients over the years. “We have the best clients,” she says. She notes that the biggest concern clients have is fulfilling the requirements of all federal and state agencies. Theresa ensures they do by seeing that forms are accurately filled out and filed on time. “We can give clients everything a big firm can … but with genuine customer service,” she says.

Another plus for Theresa is the atmosphere at the office. “Our office is a great example of teamwork,” she says. “Everyone is willing to help each other out.” She says that even the boss pitches in when needed. “Martin is a terrific team leader. He will work with us to get a project done if we need an extra hand.”

Finally, Theresa sums up a big reason why she’s so happy here. “When you work in an office where you are valued, it makes you feel good to come to work.”



“I really like working here. Our clients are wonderful.”

Diana Sagaser, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Diana Sagaser

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Diana Sagaser is the first person that most people see when they arrive at our offices. She does a multitude of tasks and does them well.

Besides handling Martin’s appointments and schedule, she keeps our client database up-to-date. She ensures that documents are mailed in a timely manner, as many are time-sensitive. She also manages return receipts for such documents and follows up to verify documents were received.

When clients receive documents she makes sure clients understand just what they are picking up.

During tax season, she is very busy with piles of paperwork for clients to sign. She helps keep them all sorted and never seems harried, even when it’s closing in on April 15th! She also helps with light bookkeeping, keeps our filing system organized, and pitches in wherever she can to help keep the office running smoothly.

Diana has worked for Martin C. Garcia Accountancy Corporation since 2006. Like the rest of the staff, Diana says, “I really like working here. The clients are wonderful.”