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Martin Garcia

“I’ll turn over every rock to find a solution to my client’s tax problems.”

Martin Garcia, CPA

Martin Garcia, CPA


Martin Garcia, a certified public accountant, has a passion for helping his clients with their accounting needs.

He brings more than 25 years of experience working with individuals, small companies, and large corporations.

Martin particularly enjoys assisting clients with tax problems.

Martin recounted, “A local man was audited by the IRS and he didn’t have the right representation. When he left the audit, he owed over $40,000 in penalties, interest, and taxes. He came to us, after the fact. He felt he got the short end of the stick. After reviewing his file, we agreed. We reopened the audit and it ended with the IRS owing him over $28,000!”

Of course, not all tax issues end so well, but Martin is determined “to turn over every rock” to find a solution to our clients’ tax problems.

If you have a tax situation, Martin and his staff will check your return line by line; discuss it in depth with you to uncover the facts and jog your memory; scan and rescan IRS code; run different scenarios through accounting tax software; and, consult outside experts if needed.

Over the years, clients have found that they can turn to Martin for advice on all sorts of things, including projects that are a bit out-of-the-box for other CPAs. For example, Martin is currently consulting with a client to help him build a shopping center.

When not in the office, Martin is active in the community. He’s been a big promoter of youth soccer, volunteering many years as a coach.

He has also been active with various boards and committees related to church, school, soccer, and health. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration — Accounting from California State University Fresno.

Martin joined the ranks of certified public accountants when he was licensed as a CPA by the Board of Accountancy — Certificate No. 49678E.